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SanDisk Ultra 400 GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A1 App Performance Up to 100 MB/s, Class 10, U1, Red

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MsgBoardGamer How exactly is it niche? More and more gamers are buying a Switch, it truly seems to be Nintendo returning to form, and for a lot of these people, a Nintendo console is their ONLY platform, so getting the game on a "superior" system isn't even an option. It's going to be a while until 2TB cards are available and, more importantly, affordable. Right now you typically have the choice of 1TB, 512GB, 400GB, 256GB, 200GB, and 128GB (or lower, although we wouldn't recommend going any smaller than 64GB, and that will fill up fast). If someone is just brand loyal though the Sandisk Ultra and UltraPro are solid choices too. But the runner up went to that very Lexar 633x card you put into your story. That's not unfair to point out at all, that's how these tech companies operate. Higher memory devices are usually the most cost efficient from manufacture to sale, from a manufacturer's perspective, compared to lower memory devices. It translates into bigger ripoffs from the customer's perspective, so the company has to figure out ways to get customers to accept and buy into it. Thus, it's a good thing Nintendo kept the flash chip costs and size low, to allow customers to bring onboard as much value effectiveness as they want from microSD cards. The pricing on the NS isn't going to change much over time, nor will the performance of the built-in flash chips, while the price/performance ratio on SD cards will fluctuate dramatically over the next few years. Nintendo made the right decision in this regard at least, not falling for using psychological mind games to entice their customers towards the hardware itself. Those who use their heads will find the best values for increasing storage size and speeds.

Micro SD cards - Cheap SANDISK Micro SD card Deals SANDISK Micro SD cards - Cheap SANDISK Micro SD card Deals

With discs, you can only do this with re-writable media, which is of course never used in consoles. And even if it is, then it will only be used by developers, for testing purposes. Rated A1, the SanDisk Ultra ® micro SDXC ™ card is optimised for apps, delivering faster app launch and performance that provides a better smartphone experience Ideal for Android™ smartphones and tabletsAnd the facts you keep bringing up aren't really facts. Those comparisons are HIGHLY debatable and factually slanted. You can't compare them 1 to 1 because the market share of the Switch is much smaller.

Micro SD Card 400GB High Speed Class 10 Micro SD SDXC Card

Games like Fifa, NBA, WWE and whatever other sports games will come to the Switch (I suspect an American Football game to be in the works also) are highly popular, and once again: are only playable in portable mode on a Switch, so that is something not to be so easily dismissed, regardless of whether or not you can play a prettier looking version on the Xbox or Playstation (or PC). You keep bringing up points that are either almost completely false, or at the very least partially flawed/slanted. You'd have to do far better than that to be able to convince me of anything. I needed this. I'm using a 256gb in each of my Switches, and a 200gb in each 3DS (which are full btw, and if 3DS can fill up 200gb you already know what Switch will do).That one seems as good as any of the more recognizable name brands, and it's cheaper than a lot of them! Glad I'm waiting until Christmas, I predict at least 3 firmware updates that make improvements by then. Though it does look god so far, much better than 3DS or Wii U at launch. I just need time to wrap my head around the whole hybrid idea and how that's going to work w/ myself and 2 teenage sons. 3DS is easy, they each have their own, Wii U, PS4 are mine, Wii is in my sons room w/ his NES Mini and my old Atari 7800. Not sure what to do w/ a hybrid and 3 gamers. Keep in mind that the current top of the line SD flash has now reached 300 MB/s, with top of the line microSD currently at around 275 MB/s. The SD flash price/performance ratio will improve tremendously over the next 5 years of the base console cycle, whereas the price/performance ratio for the flash chip (maybe NAND) onboard the NS will likely not improve much at all from the customer's standpoint. Paying for more onboard flash chip memory than is needed to get going would be the real ripoff. Until the NS releases, only Nintendo knows the read speeds of the NS game cards. We should have some comparisons to SD read speeds within a few months of release. I suspect both of them will blow those PS4 and XBone HDD read speeds out of the water.

400GB Micro SD Card Looks Perfect For Switch Owners This 400GB Micro SD Card Looks Perfect For Switch Owners

They did say that the sound is higher quality on Switch than WiiU. I don't know if that just means that Switch has a better DSP, or if the actual sound samples are higher quality for botw. The audiophile in me winces when I hear 7.1....grumblegrumble. Overprocessed and necessary unless in a very large room. It's like 4k for a 26" TV you sit on the other side of the room from. It's kind of a given, though, seeing as most HDD's only go up to 1 or 2 MB/s random access read speed, which is important for loading open world games... Just absolutely outdated and abysmal performance for any modern gaming machine. The NS should load smooth as butter by comparison, due to being built to fully utilize flash and solid state memory, normalizing random access read speeds that are 10's of times faster than HDD's. BotW and Skyrim for NS will really show this off. I'd prefer to live in a world where games get released complete, but it doesn't work that way any more, all companies do is put out betas and make us pay for them while they work on fixes. No, only Sony did that w/my 12GB PS3 superslim. I'm pretty sure I can't even find it, though I haven't looked for it in years.

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We'd recommend going for one of the premium offerings if you can, but it shouldn't make a huge difference for the average user, especially as Switch is currently unable to take advantage of the fastest speeds. All options listed in our guide above are more than suitable for your needs. Should I install all my Switch games on a Micro SD?

SanDisk Ultra 400GB MicroSD Memory Card 120MB/s - SD CARD EXPRESS

I'll DL a few gig, but 4, MAYBE 5 is my absolute limit on a patch. More than that I'll play single player without patching. If it crashes, that's a trash game right there. And that population of hundreds of millions IS online, so you're failing to grasp that one as well. And an important part of that equation is the professional gaming media, which actually has quite a bit of influence on what the modern day gamer says, does or buys. So I guarantee you it's the same way. It doesn't "turn it off", it never did. You simply choose where your default install location is, and move to the other if/when desired Considering that the NS is future ready enough to handle 2TB cards when they eventually exist, I suspect it can handle and benefit from UHS-II cards. (Anything above 256GB with UHS-I would be unbearably slow after being mostly filled. Even 200-256GB is pushing it for being slow to load with UHS-I.)

JaxonH Granted, that shpiel I went on mostly only applies if you go digital, or you're accessing hundreds of pictures/videos or music files like I do on the New 3DS. (Although a 3DS doesn't really benefit much from 95 MB/s instead of 40 MB/s or something...) And even then, it mostly only matters for large open world games. If you're reading off of the NS game card, the SD card type probably won't matter much at all. So if you're going mostly or all physical, getting the best value with the most memory should be the best way to go.

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